February 11th 2011 -    “The Windsor Rose”

It’s a Friday night in Watertown, New York, and you are at the Windsor Rose, a modest family owned bar in the center of town. Rose, the owner and proprietor of this comfy establishment, is here nearly every night and is as much a part of the town as the building that surrounds her. Everyone from Watertown knows her as someone you can talk to, someone who’s always got an ear for your problems.

She runs the place with her childhood friend, Danel MacGregor, a towering bartender and occasional bouncer, a man of few words and even less patience for nonsense. Locals know that Danel’s past isn’t something he likes to talk about, and his quiet nature appeals to many who frequent the Rose.

The Windsor Rose is home to all walks of life, one of any of the people that inhabit the Watertown area may walk in, including many service personnel from nearby Fort Drum, home of the famous 10th Mountain Division Training and Exercise Complex. All branches of the US military train there, as do many international groups.

The night’s crowd begins to shuffle in. It’s Happy Hour at the Rose and it’s been a long week. Drinks are poured, the noise level begins to rise, the music plays, and people begin to settle in for a long night of fun, spirits and laughter.

Home, it is said, is where the heart is. This is a safe place, a place where you can relax and be comfortable. It’s a good place.

The Windsor Rose is warm and comfortable inside, the din from within leaks through its walls and out onto the streets where it echoes in defiance of the cold concrete, in defiance of the cold itself.

Normally such warmth would easily overpower the merciless cold of the streets.

But tonight, it is particularly cold outside…



Friday, Feb 3 - Sunday, Feb 5, 2017
- Ye Olde Commons, Charlton MA.

Schedule Breakdown:  (Times are approximate)

Check-in and registration: 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Pre-game meeting (mandatory): 9:00 PM - Be ready to start immediately following

Event Start: Between 10 PM and 11 PM

Event "Cooldown": 2 AM Saturday Morning

Event proceeds after Breakfast*: Saturday Morning - 8 AM -10 AM

Event runs to conclusion: 2 AM -3 AM Sunday Morning (whenever story concludes)

Out-of-Game, Continental "Reality Break-fast*" : 9 AM – 11 AM. Sunday Morning with post-game wrap-up, official body count, game closing meeting and, no doubt, A LOT of great stories!

*Full Breakfast servings require purchased meal plan



Event Pricing

Event Admission: $75 Pre-Registration, $85 at the door.

YoC Meal Plan: $25 (highly recommended!) Includes:

  • Saturday Breakfast

  • Saturday Dinner

  • Sunday Continental Breakfast


PLAYER REGISTRATION is LIVE! FIRST: Create an account! NEXT: fill out your Player Profile information. THEN: From there, go to the Event Registration page and signup/pay for the event! For information about scheduling, pricing or any other questions you might have, contact us at info@mplarp.com






Welcome back to the Raggedy Edge!

Wow, two years goes by so quickly! It’s been nearly two years since our last event, the need to take a break, let our lives catch up, reevaluate priorities and recharge our batteries, was a strong one. We all stopped and bowed our head as Feb 2016 went rolling on by without a Melting Point event to worry about and we basked in the quiet that followed but by the following summer, we were all in agreement that the rest was over and we got to writing the story for our next event. And just like that, here we are! We present to you, our sixth installment of our ever-popular, Winter Action Horror, Survival LARPs! Thank you for your interest and for joining Raggedy Edge Entertainment as we present to you, "Melting Point: Echelon Six"!

Welcome to the Melting Point Experience!

We have made a practice and a philosophy of giving the players what they want for the last half decade. We push them to the brink, test their strengths, their weaknesses and their emotions. Our plotlines have varied drastically from event to event, to the point where it is always safe to say that no player to any of our events, veteran or new to Melting Point, have ever known what to expect until it hits them. We pride ourselves on our ability to mix things up and to never fall prey to predictabiliy or cliché able. Our themes run on the action/horror genre, borrowing from the movies and stories that inspire us. We've taken players to Arctic research labs, other worlds and even the afterlife, placing them in harm's way and daring them to survive it. It’s our goal to create a fully-immersive experience that puts players inside of their favorite horror/action movies. We place players in harrowing situations, ask them to do the impossible under intense pressure, and dare them to succeed, maybe surviving to the end of the event. Our games tend to be fast-paced, with a relentless plotline and heart-stopping terror of a top-notch rollercoaster. Our players tend to be the type of players who love powerful role-play situations, staying in character and who understand it's not about the win, but rather the overall Melting Point Experience! Our overwhelmingly positive, game reviews tell us we are doing it right!

What to Expect - The Environment (It's Winter!)

Our events take place in the deep of winter. Producing and presenting a winter event is not an easy undertaking but it is an effort that has never disappointed our players. We encourage you to come play in the snow with us! Because our setting is always modern-day, you are free to wear your most comfortable, high-tech, thermal clothing and accessories. We advise, however, that you do remember that our events can be messy so dress and protect appropriately!

What to Expect - Game Play

Melting Point events are not for everyone. We encourage the weak of heart and stomach to take a pass. If you do not handle stress well, this may not be the game for you. While never a focus of our events, there may be player versus player tension and reactions. Those who dislike these exchanges might also want to sit this event out. We provide the setting, plot and cast to entertain only those who are...dying for some full-throttle winter fun! The weather is intense, the plots are intense, the challenge is intense, and the win is always possible! Event Setting

What to Expect - Game Setting and Story

Melting Point: Echelon Six is a new story, not one of an on-going LARP. It is completely disconnected from our previous stories. The characters are new and the setting is different. You can expect surprises and challenge on a level that you've never seen in a LARP. If you're new to LARPing, then you're about to have an awesome first experience! We pay very close attention to the pacing and balance of the game as it progresses so you can rest assured that whatever is happening to you, is happening on purpose. Your game setting for our sixth event may seem quite unimpressive but we promise you, it won't remain that way.

Come Play!

Time to come and embrace and indulge your inner SURVIVOR! We've all wondered how we would do in our favorite horror and action flicks! Time to see what you're made of! If you’ve played our events in the past, we hope to see you again! If you are new to the Raggedy Edge games, we encourage you to join us and give it a try! Find us on Facebook and start asking questions! Our friendly and helpful player base would be more than happy to help you out! You can find out more on how to contact us directly on the About Page of this site.

Hope to see you there!

Dale McClelland

Game Co-Owner/Manager,
Co-Founder Raggedy Edge Entertainment



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